Labyrinth Laser

Nikki is a certified Laser Technician and the proud owner of Labyrinth Laser.

While working at Wolf & Crown, Nikki realized that the majority of tattoo clients had at least one tattoo that they wanted removed from their bodies, and she wanted to be the person to help them do that. Her passion & curiosity for tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation are ever-growing.

She loves meeting new people, while providing a safe place for her clients to receive laser treatments. As a tattoo removal client herself, Nikki understands that laser services can be an intimidating, scary, and/or frustrating journey. Her goal is to achieve the quickest results while maintaining the integrity of the skin, and does everything in her power to make her clients feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process.

Having a studio within Wolf & Crown Tattoo provides a unique opportunity for clients wanting to get their tattoos removed only to the point of cover-up. For all current or future clients of Wolf & Crown, Nikki is happy to work directly with our tattoo artists to ensure that the appropriate number of treatments are completed to achieve a proper coverup tattoo.